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Would you entrust a robot to craft your perfect cup of coffee?

Would you entrust a robot to craft your perfect cup of coffee?

Entrepreneur Rod Brown and the Rainbow Robotics (RR) design team believe you should. RR noticed that baristas often spent more time operating machines and juggling cups than providing personalized attention to customers and their coffee. With long wait times and incorrect orders, they saw an opportunity to transform the coffee experience. 

Introducing RB Cafe, an innovative automated coffee bar that ensures precision, consistency, and quality while minimizing errors. RB Cafe aims to offer better coffee at lower prices and redefine amenities in offices and public spaces. RB Cafe 2.0, now in production, features a six-axis robotic arm that swiftly prepares your favorite coffee. Customers can place orders through an app or at a touchscreen kiosk. The robotic arm is visible through clear glass, making the coffee-making process feels like a science exhibit.

 RB Cafe has an RB-N series robotic arm, but the design exudes sleek modern sophistication. With a clean, minimalist look and small footprint, the RB café can work 24 hours a day, making it perfect for offices, airports, shopping centers, and university campuses.

RB Cafe appeals to customers, coffee roasters, and building owners alike. Customers can choose from three single-origin roasts, and roasters can program the robot to prepare coffee exactly as they envision. In addition, the effortless installation and low operating costs attract commercial building owners, who view RB Cafe as a premium amenity.

Brown will install three units in his office building later this year. Brown believes RB Cafe aligns with his real estate goals of offering premium amenities to remain competitive. Brown said, "With easy installation, no additional plumbing, and occupying less than 40 square feet, it makes sense."

With collaborative robots quickly gaining popularity and being implemented in numerous manufacturing roles, could that be just the beginning? How long until this

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