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Increase dispensing accuracy and reduce waste by utilizing a RAINBOW COLLABORATIVE Robot for dispensing applications

Using a collaborative robot for dispensing applications can have
many benefits for businesses. These robots are designed to provide flexibility,
efficiency, and freedom for a wide range of tasks including gluing, sealing,
painting, and other dispensing tasks ensure consistent flow and precise
placement, resulting in reduced waste and scrap. Furthermore, the lightweight
design of these robots makes it easy to move them to the areas where they are
needed most.

One of the
biggest advantages of using a collaborative robot for dispensing tasks is that
it can significantly improve workplace safety. This is because the robot can
handle dangerous tasks without putting human workers at risk. In addition, if
the robot comes into contact with a person, patented technology limits the
forces at contact to prevent injury. Rainbow robots can also be programmed to
operate in reduced mode when a human enters the robot’s work area, ensuring
that workers are safe while the robot is in operation.

Rainbow robots
provides a future-proof platform for businesses looking to optimize their
production lines. If your workflow changes, the collaborative robot can be
quickly and easily deployed in new product lines due to its small size and
lightweight design. This intuitive software allows even inexperienced users to
quickly grasp the basics of programming and set waypoints by simply moving the
robot into position. Additionally, the Rainbow robot arms’ repeatability of
down to +/- 0.03 mm (30 microns) is perfect for automating quick-precision
handling, making the dispensing process even more accurate and efficient.